Oval Chrysopras Earrings in dark green

Oval Chrysopras Earrings in dark green

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Gold plated brass stab with an oval chrysopras stone in dark green. The closure is gold plated silver. In result of the handmade nature, each piece will have slight variations, making them truly one of a kind. Also stones are natural products and therefore individual pieces.

In ancient times, chrysoprase was considered a cure for depression. He gives peace, security, trust, provides new ways of thinking and gives hope. New ways in life can be mastered with the help of chrysoprase better and with foresight. Thus, this healing stone is able to help with grief, to dissolve negative thoughts or to better process burdensome ones from the past. In a relationship, the Chrysoprase gives more loyalty, counteracts jealousy and also helps to solve relationship problems. He can also help with sleep disorders

Measures:  6 cm

Handmade in Basel